Design Your Own

Changing the Game.

Embracing Individuals.

We see a need of Change! Are we all really supposed to fit into the same mold?

Or, are we supposed to embrace our own individuality and flaunt it with ease?

Discover True Personalization

Alapino recognizes that not all individuals fit the mainstream retail clothing offerings, but rather seek the clothing that better suits their body size and shape, mood, character, style, and temperament.

With "Alapino's Clothing Customization" options, you can now tailor-make your desired styles

in the right-fit of yours! Don't settle for anything less but a truly perfect fit created just for YOU.

Design Categories

Luxe Cotton Blouse (Reference Designs)

More Designs can be Customized as per Your Choice from our available Fabrics

Ruffled Sleeves & Neck

Buttoned Detail

Vintage Glam

Focused Neck

Design Categories

Luxe Satin Silk Blouse (Reference Designs from Pinterest)

More Designs can be Customized as per Your Choice from our available Fabrics

Tie-Knot Bow Style

Patterned Style

Focused Sleeves

Classic Button Down

Design Categories

Luxe Satin Silk Camis (Reference Designs from Pinterest)

More Designs can be Customized as per Your Choice from our available Fabrics

Cowl-Neck Style

Detailed V-Neck

Classic Straight

Racer Back

Design Categories

Luxe Satin Silk Flare Skirts (Reference Designs from Pinterest)

More Designs can be Customized as per Your Choice from our available Fabrics


Bridging the gap between unavailability of perfect-fitted clothes and the touch of premium quality.

Just really great, personalized clothes that is made to embrace your individuality at an affordable price.

Giving people the freedom to choose their own style and reflect their personality with their outfit.

Our mission is to provide you with unique ensembles that lasts long. We focus on quality over quantity.

Why Made-to-Measure?

We believe that you should not try to fit in to clothes, they should rather fit you! Experience an unrivaled fit and feel in clothes made just for you, with your unique measurements in mind. No matter whether you are a size zero or a Plus-Sized, made-to-measure is just for YOU!

At Alapino, we rely on the expertise of our skilled tailors in order to deliver high quality products. Also, in custom-made since the garment is made for the very first time, it does not generate any textile waste,

hence it is more sustainable and environmental friendly.

Make it Fit.

You’re one of a kind, so why shouldn't your clothes be?

A made-to-measure top & dress is an experience tailored only for you. Your personal measurements are always front

and in center to create your own ideal fit.

Choose between different price ranges, all ensuring an unforgettable experience.

How it Works?

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4!


Have an outfit planned out that you're looking to get customized. Or, if you're in need of some inspiration before starting off, we've got you covered!


Book a FREE STYLIST AND DESIGN session with our stylist via chat or call with whom you can decide your fabric, pattern, design, and size.


Once discussed, you can virtually provide us your custom size measurements. If you already have a design in mind, you may directly choose to send us the measurements.


Once everything is final, we will send you a price quote to confirm the design. Once the order is placed, your customized product shall go in for hand-made tailoring. The delivery shall be done within 7-10 business days.

Welcome to Alapino's Online Customization Platform!

You are going to embark a brand new journey.

Book a free session with us to chat or have a call and discuss about your preferred design in the fabric of your choice with the right measurements. We shall be more than happy to walk along with you in this journey of Online Customization - Desired Styles in Your Perfect-Fit!

Ready with the design's idea and choice of fabric? Send us your body measurements and we will assure you a superior

service all the way. The measurement's guide provided inside shall help you understand it better.

(Note: You'll be required to sign-in using your Google Account for file upload purpose. )

For measurement reference, you may choose

to send us your existing piece of well-fitted clothing.

We shall assure you the right-fit based on the same sample.